Emergency Communication Plan
If there is a major emergency in our community,
an Emergency Communication Plan has been designed to:
Gain information from all areas of the community regarding personal injuries and property damage.

Provide information to external emergency service agencies in an effort to optimize response time.

Act as a central information point in order to keep residents informed on the emergency event.

Provide information to friends and relatives of residents as to the residents' disposition.


This plan is for emergency COMMUNICATIONS only and will not guarantee that emergency services from first responders will be expedited. This plan and/or the Solera Radio Club will not be responsible for providing any emergency first aid or medical services nor will it provide food, water, shelter, etc. for residents. Each resident should be prepared to be as self-reliant as possible when an emergency strikes and not count on this plan, the Solera Radio Club, the Solera Oak Valley Greens Home Owners Association, or any other Solera resource to respond to your needs in an emergency.
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